Vicar Message

img Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ   Dear Members, Yet another Christmas time: A TIME FOR HOPE!, has come. In the Gospel readings we find that when there was no hope for individuals as well as for the nation, God works amongst the people and gives them a greater hope than they expected:- not only to them rather to the whole world and for generations to come. Am reminded of the novel written by Charles Dickens (1843).  It is about a rich, mean, miser Ebenezer Scrooge who is only concerned about making money and does not care about people around him, except exploiting and intimidating them for his own gain.  Scrooge hates Christmas, as he says it only finds him a year older and not any hour richer.  Then one night before Christmas; the ghost of his former partner Jacob Marley (a miser and mean) who had died 7 year ago and was suffering in the afterlife came to visit him and warn him about the consequences. I would like to mention few lessons that Dickens teach us.
  1. Value Simplicity: the aim of life should be to achieve a greater sense of freedom.  Darkness is cheap and light is costlier, that should be difference between worldly and heavenly attitude.
  2. Learn to share and be happy than to be bonded in chains.  Learn from the mistakes of ours as well as others to correct our life.  Always be thankful to God for what we have.
  3. Past - Present - Future. Forgive and forget the past, live in the present choosing the best and leave a legacy of success in love and care for the future.  Christ came into this world giving hope to many who were oppressed and suffering.  God became human, suffered even when blameless and left a great legacy to all who will follow him.
Yet another wonderful and blessed year will end from our lives, let thank God for all the manifold blessings he showered upon us in this year to us, our family and our Church.  Let us also pray that the coming year of great meaning to us, the Church and to all. How well God has kept us and lead us all throughout this year, nothing can be given to God in return except for our gratitude, but blessings are to be shared with others.  So it would be good if each family could help a needy person with basic needs of life, giving a warn cloth, food or even sharing he joy, of Christmas. Let this Christmas be a time for all of us to look into ourselves and make the necessary change to receive Christ and to have hope for a better life. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year May God Bless us! With Love, Mullukalayil Achen

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